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Message in a Bottle Soldiers Stories

July 30, 2009
Romance on the High Seas

Romance on the High Seas

Throughout the years Message in a Bottle has been a fascinating way of communication for soldiers and their loved ones.

When “Aunt Pete” wrote to her soldier nephew in France in 1918, she had no idea what she was starting. Her letter began life inside a US mail bag, spent almost 90 years as a message in a bottle and ended up generating an avalanche of transatlantic emails.

An article was published reporting that Aunt Pete’s letter, sent from Oklahoma City in July 1918, had been found by French archaeologists in a spring-topped beer bottle near old trench lines in Lorraine.

The letter – almost perfectly preserved – gave a jaunty account of the mood in the midwest of the United States four months from the end of the First World War.

“In 1953 a bottle was found in Tasmania 37 years after it had been dropped overboard by two Australian soldiers on their way to France in a troopship. The mother of one of the soldiers recognized the handwriting of her son who had been killed in action in 1918″.

In June 1944 soldiers from the 6th Battalion Border Regiment took part in the D-Day Landings. Scheduled for 5 June, D-Day was put back 24 hours so that the landing could take place early on the morning of June 6th, 1944.

Among the soldiers, there were nine members of the 6th Border Regiment, members of No.10 Beach Group. Their job was to organize the beaches and establish reception posts for personnel, transport, provisions and armored vehicles. During the Channel crossing they drank a bottle of champagne that they had bought back in 1940 and had kept it for a special occasion.

Champagne gone they decided to write their names and a message on a piece of paper in hopes of a safe return they wrote that when and if the bottle was found to please put this paper in the post along with the bottle to The Castle, Carlisle, Cumberland, England and signed it, HJ Bartholomew, J Westoll, C Askew, B Oliver, T Heath, JW Triggs, T Graham (MO), RC Troughton and T Mackie.

Interesting that Message in a Bottle messages have been used throughout the years as special communications with the hope and dream of them being captured and read by any person who is lucky enough to find it.

We have had many soldiers order our beautiful Message in a Bottle gifts for their loved ones be it their girlfriend, fiancee, wife and yes even their wonderful MOMS. They may not be sent through the ocean as they have in the past but they have certainly flown over it to meet it’s destination safe and sound. We are very proud of our military and the wonderful freedom they provide. Thank you to all our military and May God Bless and Keep you Safe.Babies Breath and Butterflies


Message in a Bottle Romance

June 18, 2009
Message in a Bottle Romantic Gift

Message in a Bottle Romantic Gift

Message in a Bottle, Romantic Gift Ideas

Message in a Bottle is an ever growing style of greetings that is one of the best you will ever give or receive and is also a long lasting and treasured gift. Here at we offer a very unique style of greeting. They are beautifully designed from the inside out, not just stickers on the outside of the bottle or just a little sand and confetti thrown in for appearance. Ours have lovely silk flowers backed up by sparkling pastel color to add contrast to their individual styling and yes we do offer our standard message in a bottle with faux sand and sea shells, but we also offer the illusion of a beach umbrella under a palm tree for the ultimate beach scene.

One of our greatest features is the versatility and ease of our navigational abilities. As well as our high speed connection we now offer a slow speed connection for ease of navigation within our shopping cart for those of you who are still on dial up connections. Who out there can offer such a feature in a Message in a Bottle site? In slow speed connection you are offered a list of text for you to select one Message in a Bottle of your choice at a time. This way your load time is virtually cut in half. Most web sites are accustomed to offering only one speed connection. We also have our high speed connection which offers 10 products at a time. Either way we hope that our beautifully designed will dazzle your eyes with a very unique Message in a Bottle greetings.

The message in a bottle comes in different sizes. Glass round, plastic round and glass square bottles to accommodate the style one prefers and depending on the gift one would like to send. One can even send romantic gift certificates as gifts which will sway the hearts of their loved ones especially if one prefers to include a gift of lingerie.

Diving Dolphins

Diving Dolphins