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Tropical Beach Invitations

Tropical Beach Invitations

The history of invitations dates back to the 18th Century.

There is a long history to the evolution of the Invitation as we know it today. How did they arise and who used them? How was wording composed and how were they delivered? Why do current invitations all appear to follow a consistent style? Why not be inventive and creative by modifying and changing the style in which an invitation is viewed. Why not a MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE? Now we have a whole new outlook on invitations.

Knowing the history and the traditions behind the social invitation will help you in your selection. You can then take exception to current “standards” and still conform to socially accepted standards. Or if you wish, you can create a new, unique Message In a Bottle Invitation that will set you apart from the norm yet still be in good taste.

Our newest and most wonderful specialized greeting is a transparent image of your loved one inside a Message in a Bottle. We now have a crystal clear plastic Message in a Bottle that can be dropped in the mail at a fantastic savings. To preserve the appearance of your invitation they are mailed in a plastic bag so postage and address labels do not interfere with the uniqueness of your very special invitation. Compared to the cost of any paper greeting and you will see that these are very unique keepsakes to be treasure and displayed for many years to come. For any order of 12 or more plastic bottles the guest of honor will receive a glass Message in a Bottle memento as a keepsake for their very special occasion. These wonderful clear plastic message in a bottle can be used for wedding invitations, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary parties, birthday parties and much, much more. They have also been ordered by high schools as special gift for their graduating students.

Everyone loves to be different and unique and our new photo bottles allows you the luxury of being an individual in your own right. Greetings are and should be a very personal experience. Our ordering process allows you to add a personal message to each and every invitation that is ordered. You no longer have to email your greeting and have it be a standard message. We all know that messages to our parents and messages to our guests are very different from each other and we love for all our messages to be personalized for each individual. We have a very convenient and unique ordering system for a very unique message in a bottle gift.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations


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