Message in a Bottle Romance

Message in a Bottle Romantic Gift

Message in a Bottle Romantic Gift

Message in a Bottle, Romantic Gift Ideas

Message in a Bottle is an ever growing style of greetings that is one of the best you will ever give or receive and is also a long lasting and treasured gift. Here at we offer a very unique style of greeting. They are beautifully designed from the inside out, not just stickers on the outside of the bottle or just a little sand and confetti thrown in for appearance. Ours have lovely silk flowers backed up by sparkling pastel color to add contrast to their individual styling and yes we do offer our standard message in a bottle with faux sand and sea shells, but we also offer the illusion of a beach umbrella under a palm tree for the ultimate beach scene.

One of our greatest features is the versatility and ease of our navigational abilities. As well as our high speed connection we now offer a slow speed connection for ease of navigation within our shopping cart for those of you who are still on dial up connections. Who out there can offer such a feature in a Message in a Bottle site? In slow speed connection you are offered a list of text for you to select one Message in a Bottle of your choice at a time. This way your load time is virtually cut in half. Most web sites are accustomed to offering only one speed connection. We also have our high speed connection which offers 10 products at a time. Either way we hope that our beautifully designed will dazzle your eyes with a very unique Message in a Bottle greetings.

The message in a bottle comes in different sizes. Glass round, plastic round and glass square bottles to accommodate the style one prefers and depending on the gift one would like to send. One can even send romantic gift certificates as gifts which will sway the hearts of their loved ones especially if one prefers to include a gift of lingerie.

Diving Dolphins

Diving Dolphins


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One Response to “Message in a Bottle Romance”

  1. Bob M. Says:

    Your message in a bottle is awesome, I ordered one and had you send it to my girl friend at her job. She and all the people that she works with loved it. You guys did a great job for me, I will do this again.
    Bobby M.

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